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2017 Tax Act

The 2017 Tax Act and U.S. Real Estate: The Foreign Investor and Unusually Low Tax Rates By Richard S. Lehman, Esq. The boom in U.S. real estate caused by foreign investors is about to get bigger as a result of

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United States Real Estate, Foreign Investors and the Trump Tax Bill

Final Trump Tax Reform

The boom in U.S. real estate caused by foreign investors is about to get bigger as a result of greatly reduced U.S. income taxes for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations due to Trump tax reform

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The TRUMP Tax Bill; Advice For Foreign Investor In United States

Trump Tax Bill 2018

The Foreign Investor & Unusually Low Tax Rates In the new Trump Tax Bill  — not only has the after tax income of real estate investments gone up for the foreign investor, the investment structure has become more simple. This

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Foreign Investors in the United States

Richard S. Lehman Esq., has created a collection of short videos that help explain the complexities of United States taxation of foreign investors. Simply press play and watch them all in order.  This video collection starts with . . .the

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Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property: Tax Planning and Reporting Challenges

Live Webinar with Richard Lehman

On Tuesday, November 1, 2016 this Stafford live webinar will provide accounting, tax and legal professionals with a review of tax considerations for foreign investors in U.S. real estate. The panel will address challenges such as form of ownership and

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FIRPTA Withholding Rate To Increase To 15 Percent

Effective February 16, 2016 FIRPTA general withholding rate increases from 10% to 15% effective for closings on or after February 16, 2016 in the United States.  Closing agents should adjust their procedures and forms to reflect this change. The 10%

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Thinking of buying real estate in Florida, California, Texas, or Arizona?

The United States is a secure and attractive location for foreign investments and owning property.  For residential, investment, or for vacation purposes many advantages exist for the foreign investor in United States real estate. In June 2015, the National Association

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Investing or doing business in the United States has many options for the foreign investor

Lehman Tax Law and United States Taxation and Immigration LLC., have helped clients in over 50 countries who are interested in migrating to the United States, investing in the United States or doing business in the United States. Here are

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Foreign Real Estate Investor Tax Planning Techniques: PART 1 (Advanced)

Income Tax Non Resident Alien Individuals and Foreign Corporations (“Foreign Investors”) that invest in U.S. real estate are taxed similar to U.S. Individual Taxpayers and U.S. Corporations on their U.S. real estate income.  We will use the term “Foreign Investors”

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Steuerplanung für Ausländische Anleger, welche größere Immobilieninvestitionen in den Vereinigten Staaten (eine Million Dollar und mehr) erwerben.

Es handelt sich hier in erster Linie um einen Artikel über Steuerplanung für individuelle, Nichtansässige Ausländische Anleger und Ausländische Geschäftsanleger, die größere Immobilieninvestitionen in den Vereinigten Staaten planen („Ausländische Anleger“). Es ist dabei die Rede von Investitionen von einer Million

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