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The Foreign Account Tax Compliance ACT also known as FATCA

The list of financial institutions sharing information on personal accounts and investments controlled by US taxpayers

The IRS has announced that more than $8 billion in previously undeclared taxes has come from FATCA. The list details which overseas financial institutions have agreed to pass personal and financial information about accounts and investments controlled by US taxpayers

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U.S. Taxpayers residing outside the United States and the Streamlined Procedures

Eligibility for the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures For the most part Taxpayer’s residing outside of the U.S. will have the same requirement as those residents in the U.S.  However, there are certain differences. Taxpayers must meet the applicable non-residency requirements;

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IRS just announced major modification regarding the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Procedure (OVDP)

In the video below, United States Tax Attorney, Richard S. Lehman explains the new I.R.S. Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures. This is an extremely important and valuable I.R.S. Program. It allows almost every American who has been afraid to step forward and

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Right now the United States represents one of the best buying opportunities of a lifetime.

This information is intended to provide the foreign investor with a basic introduction to the tax laws of the United States as they apply to that foreign investor. I hope this raises your interest as an investor or immigrant to the United States.

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Update on the IRS open-ended amnesty program

 We are having success in getting penalties eliminated or reduced. I want to make you aware of the best guidance that one can get regarding the new IRS open-ended Amnesty program.  These questions from the IRS deal with the Amnesty