United States taxpayers, last opportunity if you have unreported bank deposit income or income from certain tangible foreign assets

Richard S. Lehman

U.S. taxpayers living overseas need not fear reporting foreign income If an American Taxpayer living outside the United States is concerned that his or her failure to report income, pay tax and submit required information returns was due to willful

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Ponzi Scheme Theft Loss And The Trump Tax Cut

Ponzi Scheme tax loss update

Under the Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act, there no longer is the ability to carry back losses to prior years to obtain deductions and tax refunds. There no longer is a “loss carryback deduction”. Loss carry forwards are allowed

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ATTENTION United States Taxpayers Residing Outside The United States

Internal Revenue Service terminates the OVDP for American Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that the Offshore Voluntary Compliance Program (OVDP) will terminate on September 28, 2018 (not the Streamlined Compliance Program). Once the OVDP ends the I.R.S. will be looking for offshore unreported income. The penalties,

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Just published in Bloomberg Tax Management Real Estate Journal

2017 Tax Act

The 2017 Tax Act and U.S. Real Estate: The Foreign Investor and Unusually Low Tax Rates By Richard S. Lehman, Esq. The boom in U.S. real estate caused by foreign investors is about to get bigger as a result of

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United States Real Estate, Foreign Investors and the Trump Tax Bill

Final Trump Tax Reform

The boom in U.S. real estate caused by foreign investors is about to get bigger as a result of greatly reduced U.S. income taxes for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations due to Trump tax reform

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The TRUMP Tax Bill; Advice For Foreign Investor In United States

Trump Tax Bill 2018

The Foreign Investor & Unusually Low Tax Rates In the new Trump Tax Bill  — not only has the after tax income of real estate investments gone up for the foreign investor, the investment structure has become more simple. This

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Americans With Foreign Bank Accounts

American citizens and residents often have placed funds in foreign bank accounts, in banks all over the world. There is a requirement that all of these foreign bank accounts be reported to the United States on an annual basis and that

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An update on the IRS Streamline Compliance Program

There also is an Internal Revenue Service program that permits United States individuals, who have innocently and unknowingly not reported their foreign bank deposits, to report those deposits at a much reduced penalty than the penalty applicable to the willful

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Foreign Investors in the United States

Richard S. Lehman Esq., has created a collection of short videos that help explain the complexities of United States taxation of foreign investors. Simply press play and watch them all in order.  This video collection starts with . . .the

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PODCAST: Calculating Tax Benefits, Avoiding Double Taxation on Repayments and Claw-Backs

PODCAST: Richard S. Lehman discussing Claw-Backs at recent Stafford Publishing live webinar. Section 1341 “Claim of Right” Refunds Any lawyer involved in a clawback settlement agreement must, where possible, in the settlement agreement, distinguish between and earmark the two types