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Pre-Immigration Income Tax Planning — Avoiding Tax Traps Before Coming To The United States

This presentation discuss what I am calling pre-immigration income and estate tax planning for the alien individual. What I mean by this subject, is that if a non U.S. citizen knows that they are coming to the United States for

A Guide to Florida International Business and Investment Opportunities

Did you know, In 1978 Richard S. Lehman was the Editor and Contributing Author of “A Guide to Florida International Business and Investment Opportunities,” an informative, 219 page guide to foreign business persons published by the Florida Department of Commerce,

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Tax planning is critical for many thinking of immigrating to the United States.

America continues to be the ultimate destination point for many wealthy immigrants. Some from countries with taxes higher than the U.S. but most from countries with either lower taxes than the U.S. or countries with higher taxes that for all

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Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Resident Aliens for U.S. Tax Purposes

Non Resident Alien Individuals and United States Income Tax QUESTION: The U.S. has a special tax regime for individuals who are not “tax residents” of the United States. What is the definition of a “nonresident Alien” for U.S. tax purposes?

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United States Taxation Definitions For Foreign Investors

Foreign Investors And United States Income Tax. Income Tax Non Resident Alien Individuals and Foreign Corporations (“Foreign Investors”) that invest in U.S. real estate are taxed similar to U.S. Individual Taxpayers and U.S. Corporations on their U.S. real estate income. 

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Tax planning for investments in U.S. real estate can provide Foreign Investors with many opportunities a few of which can be used to. . .

Completely avoid certain U.S. income and capital gains taxes that might otherwise apply to Foreign Investors. There are possibilities to reduce U.S. taxes by reducing the taxable income from those investments by the deduction of expenses related to the investment. 

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Tributación de Inversionistas Extranjeros en los Estados Unidos

Reglas Generales de Tributación para Corporaciones Extranjeras y Extranjeros que no son Residentes en los Estados Unidos Planificación Tributaria antes de Inmigrar a los Estados Unidos Planificación Tributaria para el Extranjero con Inversiones en Bienes Inmuebles INTRODUCCION Hace mucho tiempo

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Tax planning for the non-resident alien immigrating to the United States

The immigrating Non Resident Alien must prepare for a tax life as a Resident Alien. This means taking advantage of all of the tax deductions and tax investment incentives offered by the U.S. Tax Code. It may actually mean leaving certain of the taxpayer’s foreign investments in place. This is also the subject of a separate article on the Taxation of Immigrating to the United States.

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Pre Immigration Income Tax Planning

An immigrant coming to America for longer than a certain time period will become a Resident Alien for U.S. income taxes at some point in time. In doing so, they are subjecting themselves to a potential U.S. tax income on their annual worldwide income, an estate tax on their deaths on their worldwide assets and a tax on gifts of their worldwide wealth.

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The United States A Tax Haven For Foreign Investors And Immigrants To The United States

By Richard S. Lehman, Esq., of Richard S. Lehman P.A. As times become more and more troubled, South Florida sees more than its share of immigrants fleeing dangers and coming here to stay; and foreign investors who want their money

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